dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Versace for H&M

I love this ... Donatella Versace is gonna design a party collection for H&M. Isn't that just great ?!? I work at H&M btw, so maybe i can get some items before the shop opens (lol). The collection will be in stores around fall, november. You will see alot of leather, prints and colour in the collection. Besides women- and menswear Versace is also gonna design some interior things for the home collection.

You know what i think is funny? Donatella Versace ever told NewYork Times in 2008, she will never do a collection for H&M, because it is bad for Versace. And look at her now?! Isn't that weird?

But yehhh ... Im very excited what this collection is gonna be like! I definitely wanna score a cute party dress for in December.

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