dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Living the life

Today was a long, heavy day. Im at home laying in my bed right now, thinking about this day. I work at H&M, so it's very hectic and busy especially when the sale is starting. And yes, since yesterday it was a madhouse at work. We had to start early in the morning till late in the night. The sale started today, so all the bargainhunters were in the store. It was such a mess, it's crazy how people are so rude and make a big mess of everything. But yeh, we get paid to clean that shit up!
I'm off work tomorrow, the first thing what i'm going to do is SLEEP and when im awake i will enjoy my day off.

You know what frustrating is? Your bestfriend is arguing with your friend and your between it! Grr .. And that just happened to me today. I cant do anything, but be positive to both of them. So that's what i did, they are okay now ;-)

My bed is calling me since 7am ! So i defo need to go and treat my bed! Im coming honeyyyy !!!

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Tessa zei

Zei je echt sale bij H&M? Ik ga nu even lunchen en dan fiets ik snel terug naar de stad. Ik hoop voor je dat je niet bij de H&M in Breda werkt ;)

Ashley zei

Yup! Hij is sinds gisteren begonnen, dus als je snel bent kan je nog wat leuke dingetjes eruit plukken. Veel leuke blazers en jurkjes.
Nee, ik werk in die van Bergen Op Zoom. Dat is vlakbij, lol:)

Luna zei

natuurlijk volg ik je terug ;)

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