maandag 20 juni 2011

Soap & Glory products

Oh gosh! I lalallalalove Soap & Glory products. The packaging is SO CUTE and the products work too! But ... they only sell soap & glory in the UK and not in Holland, boohoo :-(. Pff, i hate this. I can only order it at or when im in England i can buy it.
My big sister lives in the uk and she is obsessed with soap & glory, i need to show her stash because its ridiculous. She's got the whole collection. *Dreams*
What i love the most about Soap & Glory is the smell of the products and the packaging it always has a funny text on it.

Few of  the Soap & Glory products:

Clean On me creamy clarifiying shower gel: Ooh gosh i love this product, it's so creamy and it really smells GOOD.

Glad Hair Day shampoo: The day before i had a major bad hair day .. And the day i used this shampoo i swear i had a GLAD HAIR DAY. Isn't that amazing? I seriously need to do a review on this product, you guys will be amazed about this!

The righteous body butter: This is an award winning product and they sure deserved it! This butter contains shea butter and aloe vera, it's so moisturising! My skin is really really dry, i use dermatological creams and not many 'normal drugstore' creams can make my skin feel soft. But this butter sure did. It smells like mandarin, strawberries, fruits and floral, with a touch of vanilla!

Body scrub

Dry Oil body gloss

What do you think of Soap & Glory?
I want to do a little giveaway! But i dont have enough followers, so when i got a bunch of followers i will do a giveaway!

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