dinsdag 20 december 2011


Alot of people are asking me if i got bloglovin' and with shame i have to say: ''No, i haven't got bloglovin''. But that's already the past! I just signed up for a bloglovin account. So, follow me! And i will follow you back =)

xoxo ThatGalAsh

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zondag 18 december 2011

The best outfits of: Rihanna (RiRi)

I'm a HUGE fan of Rihanna. I love her music, hair and her sense of style. Since the ''Pon The Replay'' video i fell in love with RiRi's clothing style. In the video she was wearing baggy pants, a short top and sneakers. But her clothing style has changed during the years.  I really do adore her clothing style now, it inspires me alot! She got that unique, sexy style. A good girl gone bad. Rihanna wears everything from retro to glam rock and from elegant to feminine.

Here is a selection by me of Rihanna's best outfits.

Loving the denim vest!

Rihanna in her white Herve Leger dress. Loving the white with the red hair.

The bad girl outfit from the ''We Found Love'' video

Leather jacket, ripped shirt and ripped jeanshorts. Rarhh!

Loving those pants!

She reminds me of ME in this picture haha lol

I neeeeeeed that jacket, in lalalalove.

This whole outfit is just perfect. Sophisticated and sexy.

That was it you guys! What do you like about Rihanna? Tell me in the comments below.

donderdag 15 december 2011

Victoria's secret fashionshow 2011

Yeh, finally the people in Holland can watch the full Victoria's Secret fashionshow on the dutch television. I guess you already know that, but i am just reminding you lol. I already saw a little sneak peak on Youtube, but i can't wait to see the full version on my HD television. Lalalalaloveit!

Tune in on channel Net5 at 11:00pm.

xoxo ThatGalAsh

I'm back again!

Hi you guys,

I'm back again! I was very very busy with school and i just hadn't got the time and efford to update. Unfortunately i haven't got that many followers, so im not really motivated to write alot. But i hope my 9 followers can help me with that hihi :$

xoxo ThatGal Ash
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