vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Barry M. instant nail effect

Last month i went to visit Manchester, i lived there when i was younger so i always love to come back and visit my family, friends and the shops ofcourse!
I was standing at the check-out while my eye caught something, a Barry M. nailpolish in babyblue. I just crapped it and had put it down on the counter, it was only 4 pounds! When i came home, i wanted to try out the nailpolish. After 2/5 seconds my nailpolish was allready dry and created a strange, cracking effect! I thought WTF is happening!?!? Shitty nailpolish! Stupid me, it says on the bottle that it is a 'instant nail effect' but ThatGalAsh didnt saw that, lollll.

But yeah, today i tried the Barry M. instant nail effect again with a coloured basecoat this time!

The two nailpolishes im going to use.

I started with a darkblue color from Catrice, 'It Blue My Mind' and painted my nails with it.

The color 'It blue my mind' without flash.

When my nails were completely dry, i went over it with the Barry M. (babyblue) instant nail effect. It dried soooo quickly and i had only used one layer! Amazinnn.... nail effect! Look at the results, what do you think?!


Different brands sell the cracking nailpolish nowadays, O.P.I., Essence en Catrice for example. Try them out and let me know!

(Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, the battery of my digital camera died so i used my blackberry camera).

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