dinsdag 20 december 2011


Alot of people are asking me if i got bloglovin' and with shame i have to say: ''No, i haven't got bloglovin''. But that's already the past! I just signed up for a bloglovin account. So, follow me! And i will follow you back =)

xoxo ThatGalAsh

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zondag 18 december 2011

The best outfits of: Rihanna (RiRi)

I'm a HUGE fan of Rihanna. I love her music, hair and her sense of style. Since the ''Pon The Replay'' video i fell in love with RiRi's clothing style. In the video she was wearing baggy pants, a short top and sneakers. But her clothing style has changed during the years.  I really do adore her clothing style now, it inspires me alot! She got that unique, sexy style. A good girl gone bad. Rihanna wears everything from retro to glam rock and from elegant to feminine.

Here is a selection by me of Rihanna's best outfits.

Loving the denim vest!

Rihanna in her white Herve Leger dress. Loving the white with the red hair.

The bad girl outfit from the ''We Found Love'' video

Leather jacket, ripped shirt and ripped jeanshorts. Rarhh!

Loving those pants!

She reminds me of ME in this picture haha lol

I neeeeeeed that jacket, in lalalalove.

This whole outfit is just perfect. Sophisticated and sexy.

That was it you guys! What do you like about Rihanna? Tell me in the comments below.

donderdag 15 december 2011

Victoria's secret fashionshow 2011

Yeh, finally the people in Holland can watch the full Victoria's Secret fashionshow on the dutch television. I guess you already know that, but i am just reminding you lol. I already saw a little sneak peak on Youtube, but i can't wait to see the full version on my HD television. Lalalalaloveit!

Tune in on channel Net5 at 11:00pm.

xoxo ThatGalAsh

I'm back again!

Hi you guys,

I'm back again! I was very very busy with school and i just hadn't got the time and efford to update. Unfortunately i haven't got that many followers, so im not really motivated to write alot. But i hope my 9 followers can help me with that hihi :$

xoxo ThatGal Ash

woensdag 29 juni 2011

Cassie ''Roll Up'' hair tutorial

Do you guys know the song from Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up. Well i dont really like the song, but Cassie Ventura is in the video and ohh gosh i just love her look! I got curly unshaved hair, so i can't really do this look. Until i found this tutorial! Unfortunatly i have to straighten my hair and i dont straighten my hair anymore (since my heatdamage BIG CHOP). But maybe you can copy this look, its great!

This is Cassie Ventura's look from the videoclip:

And here is the tutorial made by BrittneyNGray (check out her other videos btw, she's from Los Angeles and fun to watch!)

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Celebrity makeup looks

First we start offwith the beautiful 'Desperate housewife' Eva Longoria. I love this look, a slight little smokey eye with nudelips and a soft peachy blush.

Fergalicious Fergie always looks delicious. I just love her simple makeup look, sometimes she glams her eyes up with a shocking color but mostly she is seen in this simple look.

Alicia keys with her winged eyeliner and soft pink cheeks and lips!

Ashley Tisdale and her soft look.

Leona Lewis, her look is always the same! A little smokey eye with some white eyepencil in the inner corners. Sometimes she will switch the soft pink/nude lips for a brighter pink.

Lady Gaga is dramatic with her clothes aswell with her makeup, but it still looks great! It suits her good.

Latin Village was GREAT !

I went to a festival called Latin Village last sunday and it was amazing. Good music, good people and the sun was shining.

zondag 26 juni 2011

Festival Latin Village

Whoehoe today is the day that im going to Latin Village. Yeh, i love this festival. It's the biggest latin festival from Europe. You will hear alot of latin, salsa en rumba! But you also got modern latin house and eclectic house. Everything is based on latin.

I'm so excited, i need to get ready! I will post a OOTD later on or maybe tonight. It depends on how much time i got.

This is a video from Latin Village 2010, last year. A little sneak peak! loll

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Kim Kardashian's butt is real ... ?

I thought Kim Kardashian's butt was fake, everybody really thought it was fake. Even Kim Kardashian knew everybody thought her butt was fake. But yeh only Kim knows the real truth.

Here is some proof that her butt is 'FAKE' from the media:

And this is Kim's proof that het butt is 'REAL'. She did an X-Ray of her butt to proof it's real.

Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini

I think this is a bit strange, because are they allowed take a picture from the doctor =S. I really dont know, i just think her butt is fake! Maybe she didn't put implants in her ass but her own fat! You wouldn't see that on the X-Ray. lolll


Hiya guys,

Sorry for the late update, but i had a LONG LONG hard working week. But i've got 'weekend' now .. just for one day :(

I was totally exhausted every day and i just wanted to go bed and sleep, so that's why i didnt post anything!


dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Living the life

Today was a long, heavy day. Im at home laying in my bed right now, thinking about this day. I work at H&M, so it's very hectic and busy especially when the sale is starting. And yes, since yesterday it was a madhouse at work. We had to start early in the morning till late in the night. The sale started today, so all the bargainhunters were in the store. It was such a mess, it's crazy how people are so rude and make a big mess of everything. But yeh, we get paid to clean that shit up!
I'm off work tomorrow, the first thing what i'm going to do is SLEEP and when im awake i will enjoy my day off.

You know what frustrating is? Your bestfriend is arguing with your friend and your between it! Grr .. And that just happened to me today. I cant do anything, but be positive to both of them. So that's what i did, they are okay now ;-)

My bed is calling me since 7am ! So i defo need to go and treat my bed! Im coming honeyyyy !!!

Versace for H&M

I love this ... Donatella Versace is gonna design a party collection for H&M. Isn't that just great ?!? I work at H&M btw, so maybe i can get some items before the shop opens (lol). The collection will be in stores around fall, november. You will see alot of leather, prints and colour in the collection. Besides women- and menswear Versace is also gonna design some interior things for the home collection.

You know what i think is funny? Donatella Versace ever told NewYork Times in 2008, she will never do a collection for H&M, because it is bad for Versace. And look at her now?! Isn't that weird?

But yehhh ... Im very excited what this collection is gonna be like! I definitely wanna score a cute party dress for in December.

maandag 20 juni 2011

Soap & Glory products

Oh gosh! I lalallalalove Soap & Glory products. The packaging is SO CUTE and the products work too! But ... they only sell soap & glory in the UK and not in Holland, boohoo :-(. Pff, i hate this. I can only order it at http://www.asos.com/ or when im in England i can buy it.
My big sister lives in the uk and she is obsessed with soap & glory, i need to show her stash because its ridiculous. She's got the whole collection. *Dreams*
What i love the most about Soap & Glory is the smell of the products and the packaging it always has a funny text on it.

Few of  the Soap & Glory products:

Clean On me creamy clarifiying shower gel: Ooh gosh i love this product, it's so creamy and it really smells GOOD.

Glad Hair Day shampoo: The day before i had a major bad hair day .. And the day i used this shampoo i swear i had a GLAD HAIR DAY. Isn't that amazing? I seriously need to do a review on this product, you guys will be amazed about this!

The righteous body butter: This is an award winning product and they sure deserved it! This butter contains shea butter and aloe vera, it's so moisturising! My skin is really really dry, i use dermatological creams and not many 'normal drugstore' creams can make my skin feel soft. But this butter sure did. It smells like mandarin, strawberries, fruits and floral, with a touch of vanilla!

Body scrub

Dry Oil body gloss

What do you think of Soap & Glory?
I want to do a little giveaway! But i dont have enough followers, so when i got a bunch of followers i will do a giveaway!

zondag 19 juni 2011

Hard week coming up

This week i have to work all day: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (from 9am till 9pm) and Saturday. The only days i can chill is on Wednesday and Sunday, grrrrrr. But it's all about the moneyyyyyy, its all about the dumdumdididumdum.

My face will be looking like this emo after this week!

Nicki Minaj her haircolors

Nicki Minaj is craaaazaaayy, we allready know that. Her voice, her style, her body and definitely her HAIR are all dramatic. I just noticed one thing, Nicki Minaj died her hair in at least every color. I can't think of a color she didnt have! Her hair must be DEAD ...  but i guess its just a wig :)






What do you guys think of it ?!

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Top 5: music i LOVE at the moment.

I love listening to music. When i like a song, i will play it over and over till i get sick of it! Soooo yeh i love certain music just for a moment.
So here's my top 5 music i lalalalaLOVE at the moment:

1. Gyptian - Nah let goI love the vibe of this song, i was obsessed with the song 'Hold Yuh' from Gyptian and now im in love with this one. Definitely going to get down to this song at the beachparty's this summer!

2. Rihanna - Man Down
Rihanna, she's my idol. I loved her since 'Pon De Replay', so she defo gotta be in my top 5. I love this song because of the reggae vibe and the story behind it.

3. Adele - Rolling in the deep
Adele's voice is just amazing. Nuff said!

4. Dj Khaled - I'm on one ft Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne.
Drake is in it so ofcourse its GOOD! I love his voice in this song. The beat makes the song sick and the bass is sexy. Gotta love it.

5. Miguel - Sure Thing
I just love his voice and i love this song. The woman he wrote this for must be very special. Watch the video!

Clear make-up organizer

Everybody knows the Kardashians. I watched ''Keeping up with the Kardashians'' since season 1 and noticed their perfect clear makeup-organizer. I fell in love with it, it's just perfect to have! You can see everything and anything what's in it and that's very handy, i must say.


So here is the beautiful clear cube. The cost of this beauty is $300, is it still beautiful? or do you guys think ''Nahh, not worth it at all!''. You can order the clear cube at http://www.theclearcube.com/

For a cheaper version, just take a look on ebay or amazon. Typ in: clear, cube, organizer. Something like that and you will find loads!

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

MAC upcoming collection!

MAC is gonna created a new collection with their favourite bloggers. They flew them over to the MAC lab in Toronto to make their own custom-created shades. I can't wait to see what these bloggers came up with! It must me some unique shade! MAC is going to use the shades for a eyeshadow or a lipglass.

New update about this collection next week!

Barry M. instant nail effect

Last month i went to visit Manchester, i lived there when i was younger so i always love to come back and visit my family, friends and the shops ofcourse!
I was standing at the check-out while my eye caught something, a Barry M. nailpolish in babyblue. I just crapped it and had put it down on the counter, it was only 4 pounds! When i came home, i wanted to try out the nailpolish. After 2/5 seconds my nailpolish was allready dry and created a strange, cracking effect! I thought WTF is happening!?!? Shitty nailpolish! Stupid me, it says on the bottle that it is a 'instant nail effect' but ThatGalAsh didnt saw that, lollll.

But yeah, today i tried the Barry M. instant nail effect again with a coloured basecoat this time!

The two nailpolishes im going to use.

I started with a darkblue color from Catrice, 'It Blue My Mind' and painted my nails with it.

The color 'It blue my mind' without flash.

When my nails were completely dry, i went over it with the Barry M. (babyblue) instant nail effect. It dried soooo quickly and i had only used one layer! Amazinnn.... nail effect! Look at the results, what do you think?!


Different brands sell the cracking nailpolish nowadays, O.P.I., Essence en Catrice for example. Try them out and let me know!

(Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, the battery of my digital camera died so i used my blackberry camera).

donderdag 16 juni 2011

The CFDA Fashion Awards

The CFDA Fashion Awards 10th anniversary took place on the 6th of June in New York. CFDA stands for Council of Fashion Designers of America.

And the winners are........

Womenswear Designer of the Year winner: Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez.
Menswear Designer of the Year winner: Micheal Bastian
Accessory Designer of the Year winner: Alexander Wang
Swarovski Award for Womenswear of the Year winner: Prabal Gurung
Swarovski Award for Menswear of the Year winner: Robert Gellar
Swarovski Award for Accessory Design winner: Eddie Borgo
The Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award winner: Marc Jacobs
The Fashion icon Award winner: Lady Gaga
The International Award winner: Phoebe Philo of CĂ©line

And what i love the most of awardshows, are the clothes that the celebrity's wear!

Ashley Olsen And Mary-Kate Olsen At The CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen, my all-time favorite style icons!

Lady Gaga At The CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
Lady Gaga, the winner of the Fashion Icon Award.

Whitney Port At The CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
Whitney Port in her beautiful white, simple dress.

Chanel Iman At The CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
Chanel Iman looking gorgeous in my favorite colour ''Jade''. I dont know why but i always call this ''blue-greenish'' colour Jade, lol.

Kayne West And Diane Von Furstenberg At The CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
Good-dresser Kanye West in white with designer Diane von Furstenberg

Doutzen Kroes  At The CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
The Dutch Victoria´s Secret model Doutzen Kroes in pretty red.

Betsey Johnson At The CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
The cool designer Betsey Johnson

For more pictures click on one of the images!

With love, That Gal Ash xoxo
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