woensdag 1 februari 2012


I try to go to the gym at least two times per week and if it's possible three times a week! And that is what happened this week. I went Monday and i did a two hour workout and i went today (Wednesday) and followed a zumba class which i LOVED. I love to dance, but it has been a long time ago since i have shaked my behind so i was a little stive. But yeh, who cares? I dont. I'm going to follow the zumba class every other week, i like it!
Friday is another GYMday for me, i am going to try to do a two hour workout. So, i have reached the three days a week workout.

Well, school starts next week and i got a new timetable. The only days i am able to go to the gym are on a wednesday and thursday. (Total bummer!) I don't know if it's good for your body to go to the gym two days in a row? Tell me, i need to know... 

Where do i need to work on?
- Belly (I want a flat stomach, that means alot of situps and pushups *swipes forehead*)
- Legs (I want full, shaped legs. Power training and crosstraining)
- Butt (I want a full, shaped, round, nice butt. I need to train my glutes and buttocks. Crosstraining and powertraining that is.

Do you want me to do a workout scheme or something else? Let me know!

xoxo ThatGalAsh

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